Attention women coaches who feel trapped & drained in their business:
this online program is the answer to your prayers!

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Do you:

  • Feel you have to compromise, work too hard, or change who you are to grow your business?

(And you’re not even sure it’s possible to do it any other way…isn’t there always a price to pay?)

  • Notice that so many things you learned about marketing and business just do not work for you?

(Which makes you doubt yourself: if it’s working for others, you must be doing something wrong…)

  • Experience a lack of joy and freedom in your business?

(Because there’s always so much you should and must do…)


You started your business because you wanted to make a difference, make enough money, and be free to do what you love.

But that’s not what it looks like right now.

You work too hard. Without getting the results to show for it.

And that freedom…well…there’s not a lot of that going on either.

There’s a reason you’re not getting the results, freedom and happiness you want.

It’s not that something is wrong with you, and you have to change who you are to get what you want.

It’s not that you’re not worthy, and you’re not meant to have more.

And it’s not that you’re not working hard enough, and you should just push yourself more.

It’s that you’re missing one (or more) of these core elements of a thriving business you love:

  • To know exactly what you really want in your business and life, and what you need to feel happy and fulfilled (and to allow yourself to actually get it);
  • Knowing what it takes to build and grow your business so that it serves you as much as it serves your clients (the practical nuts & bolts of doing business), and
  • To align EVERY aspect of your business (including your marketing and business model) with your personality, mission, and everything you want, need and believe in – so you can do business on YOUR terms, in YOUR own way.


This is exactly what you learn in this 6-month online program Success On YOUR Terms!

No more suffering. No more compromising. No more adjusting. No more losing yourself in all the things you think you SHOULD do to run and grow a business.

You’re gonna learn how to be successful on YOUR terms, girl! :-)

You will also:

  • Stop doing things you dislike, and ditch strategies that don’t fit you;
  • Stop trying to fit into a mold you were never meant to fit into anyway;
  • Learn the mindset, soul and practical steps to become successful on your own terms – according to your own definition of success of course: as ‘big’ or ‘small’ as YOU choose!

What makes Success On YOUR Terms
totally different than any other
business-building program out there?

When other coaches use the phrase ‘on your terms’
, they usually refer to creating a business model that supports you in living the laptop-lifestyle, or working part-time to do whatever you want to do besides your business.

For me, that’s the LAST step, and only ONE step of the entire process of doing business in your own way, on your own terms.

I believe it’s about connecting to your deepest dreams and what you really want (and letting go of everything you don’t want or that’s just not you).

To being true to who you really are (and letting go of everything you’re not).

And building your entire business (and life!) around it.


How do I know this works?

BrigitteBecause this is how I turned my business around.

And I understand where you are, because I’ve been there myself.

For years, I’ve been struggling. I didn’t know how to grow my business without going crazy or feeling unhappy.

So many aspects of my personality and my soul purpose seemed to contradict each other, that it drove me crazy for years.

Why am I a coach when human interaction drains me so quickly? (I’m a real hermit who needs to be alone around 90% of the time).

How the hell did I end up with a mission to reach people globally when I hate traveling, and don’t want to leave the house too often?

My seemingly weird combination of needs, desires, personality, and mission taught me some very important lessons, though.

It helped me get VERY clear on what I REALLY want, and what I need to be able to make a difference without compromising and draining myself.

I’ve learned how to be and feel completely free in my business, and run and grow my business in a way that is in TOTAL alignment with my purpose, passion and personality.

I turned myself from a Crappy Hermit into a Happy Hermit, growing my business globally while NEVER making more than 4 appointments per week.

You may not be a hermit like me. Your wishes, dreams, needs and personality may be totally different.

But if I can make my business work without compromising any of my needs or dreams…than YOU can make it work as well!

And in my program ‘Success On YOUR Terms’ I’ll teach you everything you need to create your own successful business on YOUR terms – so you can make a difference doing what you love in your own, unique way too!


“I was looking for someone to help me throw out all rules and conventions, so I could find my OWN way of doing business.

I didn’t want to compare myself to others anymore, but focus on what I wanted instead. Without compromising. :-)

Working with Brigitte helped me see what held me back. She helped me find my own path, and how to follow it.

I’ve stopped doing what I no longer want and what no longer fits me.

I’ve become more visible. I am very clear on what I want and how I want to work.

"As a result I work with much more ease, I’m doing what I love, and I have accomplished my dream of experiencing freedom in my business and life!”

- Nicole Offenberg, coaching and training,

“Before I worked with Brigitte, I did exactly what I learned about marketing and building a business.

And I wasn’t happy: I followed the rules and what I thought I ‘should’ be doing, but somehow wasn’t able to do business in MY own way. :-)

I didn’t experience much flow in my business, and it became harder to attract clients.

All of this changed when I started working with Brigitte.

I realized I had to work less instead of more if I wanted my business to grow.

She taught me how to use and trust my intuition in my business, and this helped me get a lot more done with a lot less effort.

As a result I became more visible and grew my list. And I made the same amount of money in three months as I did in the entire last year!

I also experience a lot more fun in my business, and I’ve learned how to make the best decisions in my business using my intuition.

I now have the courage to do things MY way instead of using the same standard format most entrepreneurs follow.

If you want to get better results, find your strength, do business in your own way, and learn to use your intuition in your business, you should go to Brigitte too! It’s definitely worth the investment!”

- Alexandra Hilbers, Intuitive Business Coach,

How this 6-month program works:

Audio lessons delivered straight to your inbox

You receive new audio lessons on a weekly basis. Don’t worry, you don’t have to work your ass off: each lesson is short, easy to follow & implement, AND there are plenty of breaks build in.

Plus: during the course of the program you’ll actually save time, as a result of ditching things you don’t like, setting boundaries, leverage your time, and using your intuition.

You can easily download the lessons to your computer and keep them in your business library. You can listen to them whenever you want, as often as you like.

Downloadable materials in PDF-format

Worksheets, action sheets, templates, checklists or exercises in PDF-format, that help you implement what you’ve learned and gain a deeper understanding of each lesson.

Private Facebook Group

You get access to a closed Facebook group where you can meet & mingle with the other participants if you like, and ask questions and receive coaching from me whenever you need it.

Monthly Q&A coaching calls

On these live Q&A coaching calls you can ask me all your questions, and receive on the spot laser coaching from me.

If you can’t make a call live, you can ask me your questions beforehand in the Facebook group or via email. I’ll answer them on the call, and you can listen to the answer on the recording.

Recordings of the monthly Q&A coaching calls

You can easily download them to your computer, and listen to them whenever it suits you.

When the program starts

The program starts when you start. You receive the first lesson within minutes after your purchase is completed. New lessons are delivered to your inbox weekly (with loads of breaks build in!)


Some of the tasty topics we’ll be
covering in this program:


Your Vision, Mission, and Deepest Dreams for Your Business & Life

What do you want to accomplish and contribute to? How do you want to live? What is your most ideal, picture perfect image of your most ideal, picture perfect business & life?

You clarify all this and more, which creates the blueprint for your own ideal business model.

Your Own Ideal Business Model

When you know what your ideal business and life look like, you can take the practical steps & actions to build your business in a way that supports this ideal picture.

You learn how to translate the picture of your ideal business & life to a business model that makes it work.

You learn which model suits you, or how to create a unique model that serves your wants and needs.

This is what grounds your dreams in reality.

A strong business model that fits you like a glove is what you need to make sure your business serves YOU as much as it does your clients. And makes you enough money as well.

Your Ideal Audience & Client – The People You Are Meant to Serve

You identify who your ideal client is – a process you can use now and in the future to regularly check if you’re still serving the people you are meant to serve.

You clarify who your ideal clients are from a heart- and soulful perspective. And learn where (and how) you can find & attract them.

Marketing in Your Own Unique Way

You learn what it takes to do marketing in your own way. How to determine which strategies and methods fit you like a glove.

How you can add your own flavor, style and personality to your marketing.

And how to market your business in ways that don’t just feel good, but are super effective too.

You’ll learn what works for you and what doesn’t, and more importantly: WHY something does or does not work for you. This helps you pick & choose the best marketing strategies for you, both now AND in the future.

Because you understand why some thing work and others don’t, you’ll always be able to decide which new strategies and tactics will work for you – or not. (Or how to change or adjust them so they CAN work for you.)

Money: Mindset, Soul & Practical Steps

Money is a topic many women coaches struggle with. In this program you learn to establish your own healthy relationship with money.

You’ll learn the mindset and practical steps of charging what you’re worth, what that even means, and why it’s so important.

You get practical tips on pricing in general, how to determine the price that’s right for you, and how to raise your prices and fees. (And find out if now might be the time to raise them…)

You’ll uncover your biggest money blocks and how you can transform them, so money can flow to you with more ease and less struggle.

Intuition, Soul & Magic

Learn how to access and use your most powerful business tool: your intuition.

Your inner wisdom that is the source of all the answers and inspiration you seek.

It gives you direction, and always shows you what YOUR best decision and path are.

You also learn how to create with ease by learning to leverage the immense and limitless powers of the universe.

This will help you accomplish more without forcing yourself, struggling, over thinking or working too hard.

On the contrary: it will help you work LESS, and create with so much more ease!

This is the way to go WITH the flow, instead of against it.

Uncover What Makes You and Your Business Unique & Stand Out

What makes you and your business unique and stand out is, ultimately: YOU.

But what does that mean exactly? What is it that sets you apart from all the other coaches out there? How does that help you attract your ideal clients? How do you make it (and yourself) visible? And how you can do this in effective ways that attract your ideal clients to you?


That and more, is what you learn in these lessons.

Every topic contains one or more audio lessons.

Every lesson is about the inner and the outer work: you work on your mindset AND take one or more actions.

Actions that come from your heart & your soul. And you take them in smart & effective ways.


PLUS: You also receive this super kickass bonus
(a 997 Euros / 1175 USD value!):


Easy Breezy Marketing – Get more clients, fun & money by doing it YOUR way

An online program that teaches you the ins and outs of marketing that feels good AND works for you: marketing in YOUR OWN way.

The mindset, mojo, and practical tools, tips, strategies & steps that help you attract your own ideal clients without feeling sleazy or selling your soul!


The results of participating in Success On
YOUR Terms (and implementing
what you learn, of course!)

A business that makes you happy, and energizes you.

A healthy business, that makes you enough money – whatever ‘enough’ means to you.

A business that serves you, and gives you back your freedom.

With my help you’re going to create a business that fits you like a glove.

A business you run in your own, unique way.

And you’ll learn how to be more successful and grow your business on YOUR own terms.

It’s not just good for YOU – although that’s reason enough to join this program.

It’s also good for BUSINESS.

It’s only possible to shine bright and share your unique brilliance with the world if you do it all YOUR way.

Not to mention the fact that this will attract your ideal clients to you like crazy – they instantly recognize you as their go-to person for whatever it is you’re offering.



“My business was successful, and I always had plenty of clients. But I was working too hard. There was no time for me. I lost touch with myself, and the things that made me happy.

Working with Brigitte changed all that. She helped me reconnect with myself, and my authentic power and mission.

I learned to make powerful decisions, to let go of what no longer serves me, and to stop feeling responsible for everyone and everything around me.

I found my balance and flow, and as a result I’m able to deliver much more impact and value for my clients.

I now make an even bigger difference for my own clients, and bring more change to the world.

Brigitte is an incredibly powerful and intuitive coach. She gets to the core very fast, and knows exactly what you need to move forward and create lasting change.

My business is still very successful. And I am happier, more fulfilled and vibrant than I’ve been in a long, long time.”

- Anne-Else Højberg, The Big Mission Coach,

“Brigitte is a very gifted, intuitive coach. She is extremely good at laser coaching: she gets to the core of every issue in no time at all.

I feel a lot happier in my business now. I used to think I needed to follow a strict set of rules and take specific actions to run my business.

I now know that’s not true at all. I’ve learned that the happier I am with the way I do business, the more my clients benefit as well.

The coaching really helped me focus on what’s most important to me, and how to give my business what it needs in a way that feels good to me.”

- Suzanne Meijles,

“I decided to sign up for one of Brigitte’s programs to get the support and information I need to keep moving forward.

And to learn how to stay true to myself in my business, and do it all on my terms.

The lessons were incredibly good. They were short, effective and very complete. I save them all in my business library, so I can easily use them whenever I need them.

Both the lessons and Brigitte’s support are so helpful.

It’s fantastic to have direct access to her in a secret Facebook group. She responds very quickly, and always supports me to make the decision that’s best for me.

Brigitte absolutely delivers what she promises: to create success as a result of doing business on your own terms.

No one models and teaches that better than Brigitte.”

- Carolien van den Akker,


I’m ready to be successful on my own terms and finally manifest the business (and life!) I’ve always dreamed of!

I understand I will receive the first lesson within minutes after my purchase is completed. New lessons are delivered to my inbox on a weekly basis, with loads of breaks built in.

PLUS: I’m protected by Brigitte’s No-Risk-No-Bullshit-Guarantee:


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I am absolutely certain that this program is worth every Euro of your investment and every minute of your time.

To make your decision to sign up as easy as possible I promise you this:

If for whatever reason this program doesn’t meet up to your expectations, just let me know within 30 days of your purchase.

All you have to do is sign up for the program now. Join the Facebook group. Go through the lessons. Ask me whatever you need in the Facebook group and/or in the monthly group Q&A coaching call.

And if you don’t like what you’re getting, just let my team know BEFORE the 30 days are over. You can simply send an email to team[at]

I’ll refund the money you have already paid, no questions asked, no reason needed.

I can’t make it any easier for you than this.



Yes Brigitte, I’m in!

Now all YOU have to do change your business (and life!) for the better is make a decision, and sign up if this program speaks to your heart and your soul.

You already know if it’s for you or not. And with this guarantee you have absolutely NOTHING to lose. And EVERYTHING to win.

I understand that I will receive:

  • Short, powerful, and easy to implement audio lessons delivered directly to my inbox;
  • Downloadable worksheets, action sheets, templates, checklists and exercises in PDF-format to go with those lessons;
  • 6 months access to a closed Facebook group where I can ask questions and receive coaching from Brigitte whenever I want and need it;
  • 6 monthly group Q&A coaching calls, where I can ask all my questions plus receive laser-coaching from Brigitte;
  • Recordings of these 6 monthly Q&A coaching calls;
  • Plus this incredible kickass BONUS (a 997 Euro value!): the online program Easy Breezy Marketing – Get More Clients, Fun and Money by Doing it YOUR Way.


21% VAT for those in Europe not included. Prices in dollars may vary, depending on the current exchange rate.

Rest assured: this payment is safe and easy because it is processed through secured servers.


About me:

BrigitteI’m a business and life coach who teaches women coaches how to build a soulful, thriving business on their own terms, in their own way - without compromising, sacrificing, or changing who they are.

I’m also an author, and published my first book ‘Ontdek wat je echt wilt – en maak daar je werk van’ in 2008 (available in Dutch only – in case you wondered what the hell kind of language that was ;-)

Since starting my business in 2003 I’ve coached and inspired thousands of women. First in The Netherlands and Belgium only, and since 2012 I work globally.

I love what I do.

I love that I found a way to be true to myself, and that I finally learned to accept and embrace what makes me different and weird: being a hermit.

Once I stopped fighting it, I find out that it is my power, my strength, and what makes me stand out.

I love that I build my entire business around it.

And what I love most of all, is teaching other women coaches how to build a thriving business that’s a true expression of their real self.

So…if you’re looking for a place where your true self is celebrated – including you’re weirdness and what makes you different.

And if you’re looking for a person who will ALWAYS encourage you to be true to who YOU are and do things YOUR way (instead of shoving cookie-cutter advice down your throat and telling you that you MUST implement that, or else…)

Look no further. This is that place. I am that person.

Come join me and let me teach you how YOU can make a difference & build a successful business on YOUR terms too!


Still on the fence? Let me know what’s on your mind below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


“Working with Brigitte gave me a crystal clear picture of myself and my business: I know who I am, what I need, and where I’m going with my business.

This gives me the feeling of confidence, trust, fulfillment and peace I’ve been missing for a long, long time.

Thank you for showing me what’s possible for me and my business, and being such a powerful and inspirational role model!”

Marije van Duijne Strobosch,


What the heck, I’m in. I want what you teach and I’m protected by your guarantee. Nothing to lose, right?


Legal Disclaimer:

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. The more you put into this program in terms of listening to all the calls; doing all homework and exercises and taking time to explore and reflect, the more you’ll get out of it.

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